Why did you start to learn magick?

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Why did you start to learn magick?

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What were your main reason to start learning magick?

I can tell my own story first.

I were 13 years old and I were deeply in love with this girl at my school. ( yeah... ) - and I couldn't get her!!! No matter what I tried, she didn't want me. She didn't even want to acknowledge my presence.

Being 13 years old with a teenage brain, I was desperate. I searched online for " how to make someone love me " and it took a few mouse scrolls, but eventually, I stumbled upon a website about spells and magick. At first I was like " what the f is this "

But then... I became curious! Days of reading turned into weeks, weeks turned into months... I knew this was something special.

So the day finally came, I had been studying a lot and practiced my rituals. I was going to target her. Armed with my grimoire, candle, sigil and circle, I performed my 30 minute ritual in the woods.

It was intense, to put it mildly. I felt the power, I felt the presence of someone. And that someone was summoned to help me.

I can share the ritual in the " Learn Magick " thread, if you want to see it and experience it for yourself. Be warned, it's powerful.

3 Days went by after the ritual, and the girl started talking to me and blush. It took a month and we had our first kiss. I felt strong. I felt like I could accomplish anything.

And to this day, I work with magick daily. It's my life. I love helping newcomers and experienced practitioners of the craft, giving them a solid understanding.

Be warned, magick is NOT to be taken lightly.

What's your story?
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