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Hydrogen could be the solution to the climate problem. There is some debate as to how clean it will be.

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2022 4:25 am
by kafa88

at an industrial plant on the banks of the Ohio River A large blue building with pipes in and out could be part of the nation's transition to clean energy. At least the owner hopes so.

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Inside there is a natural gas power plant capable of generating enough electricity for nearly 400,000 homes. However, recently the company that operates the Long Ridge Energy plant has begun mixing small amounts of hydrogen, no more than 5%, with natural gas.The market has changed a lot over the past few years,” CEO Boholley said. "We're responding to what the market really wants.

What the market needs is energy that does not pollute carbon. All think hydrogen, the most common element in the universe, could be the answer.when used as fuel in cars or power plants The main byproduct of hydrogen is water. It's not carbon dioxide that causes global warming. But finding a clean, cheap source of hydrogen has forced scientists and policymakers to shirk for decades.